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Trademark Law in Nepal-Protection & Enforcement Guidelines

GLOBAL TRADEMARK PROTECTION SERVICES, the premier trademark law firm in Nepal, was founded in 1997 by the experienced professionals. In these years the firm has grown and established itself as a leading firm specializing in the protection and enforcement of trademark and other forms of intellectual property in Nepal and throughout the world.

A team of experienced and dedicated attorneys specialized in their relevant areas of practice work within the firm. They provide clients and associates with professional and cost effective services related to the trademark and various intellectual property matters including protection and enforcement.

If you are interested in obtaining further information from our firm, please go through related information entitled, or if you wish to proceed with any new matters in the Nepal and interested in obtaining further information about these you may e-mail us at trademark@global-trademark.com

  • Trade Mark searches & availability opinions
  • Trade Mark filing, prosecution and Registration
  • Trademark Renewals
  • Recordal of Change of Name
  • Recordal of Change of Address
  • Recordal of Trademark Assignments
  • Recordal of Merge Agreements
  • Recordal of Trademark Licensing
  • Obtaining Certified Copy of Certificate (if lost)
  • Filing Opposition /counter opposition
  • Filing Trademark Cancellation Application

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